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“Beam me up, Scotty!” Suitable announces the Beam!

At midnight tonight, Suitable Tech’s CEO Scott Hassan unveiled the second version of their Remote Presence System – the Beam.

The Beam itself is not the System, since the entire collection (remote presence device, the client app and the docking station) make up the entire system. engadget was given a preview which shows the device as Scott has “beam”ed into the Beam. See the video below: Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary of the Texai on The Big Bang Theory

On September 30th, it will be one year since Sheldon and the Shel-Bot made its appearance on the Big Bang Theory. In honor of that day, we uncovered a couple of shots from that fateful day on set. Continue reading

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Suitable Technologies enters the field…

One of the many under-cover companies has now popped up on the radar in the telepresence space, as announced in Technology Review India which informs us about Suitable Technologies, a spin-off from Willow Garage that is taking my favorite RPS system (the Texai) and working on improving it for delivery in the second half of 2012. Continue reading

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Telecommuting with RPSes – great idea!

And why not? One of the benefits from telepresence and remote presence systems that is very important is remote workers. As someone who is dying for my next RPS to play with – as I travel back and forth from NYC to London to California – I keep crying out for my Texai! Continue reading

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Social Robotic Telepresence and HRI 2011

The second paper is from Min Kyung Lee from Carnegie Mellon University and Leila Takayama from Willow Garage entitled “‘Now, I have a body’: Uses and social norms for mobile remote presence in the workplace” is a personal favorite. In this paper, the Willow Garage Texai is used as the Mobile Robotic Telepresence (MRP) or RPS in our lingo. To say this paper is meaty is an understatement. This paper is a rich treasure-trove of insights into the issues and futures of remote presence. Continue reading

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Can we create a new term for telepresence robots?

In the past year, I have spoken with a number of people on the concept of telepresence and telepresence robots – and had an real education on developing language to define a new product/market. Usually, we pay all sorts of smart, wordsmithers to come up with ideas and bring some thoughts to light – and then settle on a new term (or at least the CEO does). Continue reading

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