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The next great company will come from remote presence systems

The ability to shape the “feel” and the production of a product that creates an experience for others is key in the adoption of a product. Jobs has a fanatical attitude of the proper attention to detail, quite like how Bill and Dave used to have for a particular engineering culture. I believe the most successful company in the telepresence robots space will come from the one that has the strongest artistic and manufacturing geniuses out there. Continue reading

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Is iPad 2 the future of mobile telepresence?

With yesterday’s announcement of the iPad 2 with front and rear facing cameras, the world may have stepped that one step forward into making mobile telepresence or mobile video conferencing a commonplace for business and consumers. But what does it mean for remote presence? Continue reading

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Seeing the invisible wifi strengths

While not discussing robotics or teleconferencing, this lovely video and the photos found on the artist’s website give a glimpse of the issues that face remote presence systems as we see objects traveling within a physical space. The signal strengths are just one concern that a RPS unit may have, and this video is an excellent representation of that invisible signal in space. Continue reading

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Discussing Use Cases for Remote Presence

This week, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (Katherine M. Tsui, Munjal Desai, and Holly A. Yanco) pre-published their findings on use cases of remote presence / telepresence robots in prep for the HRI 2011 conference in Switzerland this March. In their article, they bring up a number of issues that are relevant to the future of remote presence, that are worth reading about. Continue reading

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Can we create a new term for telepresence robots?

In the past year, I have spoken with a number of people on the concept of telepresence and telepresence robots – and had an real education on developing language to define a new product/market. Usually, we pay all sorts of smart, wordsmithers to come up with ideas and bring some thoughts to light – and then settle on a new term (or at least the CEO does). Continue reading

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Christmas Party at the Tech Review and other remote presence thoughts

As I discovered the first article, I forgot the original article from Tom Simonite which is more publicly available. Again, some interesting thoughts bubble out of this article, which I can agree with his findings – especially when being the pilot of the robotic telepresence. Continue reading

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