Pilot Presence Definitions

As more words come into the lexicon, I will create simple definitions here for clarity. If you feel I am missing something in the definitions, please comment below and I will make changes.

Remote Presence

\ri-ˈmōt\ \ˈpre-zən(t)s\ – to define “Remote Presence”, I start with the base word “presence” which means:

  • the state of being present; current existence;
  • the immediate proximity of someone or something;
  • an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby;
  • the impression that something is present;
  • bearing: dignified manner or conduct

Remote presence then would be the ability to have your state of being presence in a remote location. The challenge on this definition is what defines “presence” in a physical location – which is part of the work Pilot Presence is going to discuss.

Remote Presence System (RPS)

Bianca enjoying a chat with Dallas in his Texai\ri-ˈmōt\ \ˈpre-zən(t)s\ \ˈsis-təm\ – Remote presence systems (RPS) are often connected to the concept of telerobotics. However, RPSes differ in focusing on the richness of being present in the remote location for the participants engaged with the pilot rather than the ability to manipulate objects as a robotic surrogate might (e.g., complete with arms and grippers).

As shown in the photo of the Texai to the right, an RPS offers the pilot (the person controlling the RPS) freedom of movement within the remote physical space while allowing the participant(s) to interact directly with the pilot, as if they were physically present.

Since the RPS has a mobile/motorized base and the pilot can control the system, conversations are no longer confined to a single physical location. Now, if the conversation leads to a different room or different person, the pilot can move along to the new location.


\ˈte-lə-ˌpre-zən(t)s\ – From Wikipedia, the definition of telepresence is that “Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location”.

With the branding efforts by Cisco, LifeSize, Tandberg and others – the common definition of telepresence has migrated the definition to signify videoconferencing tools.