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InTouch Health and iRobot Launch RP-VITA Telepresence System [video]

As shown on the video below, the RP-VITA is a beautiful marriage between InTouch’s focus on healthcare and iRobot’s strengths in robotic manufacturing and navigation. We await a chance to see this device in person to give you an upfront and close examination of this device. With a footprint that is smaller and easier to navigate than the RP-7, the RP-VITA may just be what the patients ordered. Continue reading

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WSJ getting excited about remote presence systems

The Wall Street Journal discovered remote presence systems in San Francisco with a vGo system being the RPS that people can be remotely present within. And InfoWorld gives us some credit for the build of the Texai – which we appreciate, but should reserve for the team at Willow Garage. Continue reading

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The next great company will come from remote presence systems

The ability to shape the “feel” and the production of a product that creates an experience for others is key in the adoption of a product. Jobs has a fanatical attitude of the proper attention to detail, quite like how Bill and Dave used to have for a particular engineering culture. I believe the most successful company in the telepresence robots space will come from the one that has the strongest artistic and manufacturing geniuses out there. Continue reading

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No Telepresence Robots Allowed!

Just saw this terrific comic from Bleeker Comics and thought you would have a laugh. I will be catching up with Pilot Presence news in the coming weeks. Sorry for the extended holiday.

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One Year Anniversary of the Texai on The Big Bang Theory

On September 30th, it will be one year since Sheldon and the Shel-Bot made its appearance on the Big Bang Theory. In honor of that day, we uncovered a couple of shots from that fateful day on set. Continue reading

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Suitable Technologies enters the field…

One of the many under-cover companies has now popped up on the radar in the telepresence space, as announced in Technology Review India which informs us about Suitable Technologies, a spin-off from Willow Garage that is taking my favorite RPS system (the Texai) and working on improving it for delivery in the second half of 2012. Continue reading

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Another player in the field?

So, today at the WWDC conference, it looks like another player is testing their toe in the poll – Taptic Toys.

Their Creative Director played the pilot on their prototype – but from the video below, it looks like the toy is exactly that – a toy. The gent with the RPS (my guess is his name is David Cann) seems to be potentially driving the RPS with his iPhone. Romina, who is an excellent actress and performer (you can see her portfolio site here) makes for an entertaining pilot. Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for May 12, 2011

Remote Presence Links for May 12, 2011 – Telepresence robots go airborne – Luna Roundup – It’s Robots Galore at Google I/O Continue reading

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Interview w/ Fred Nikhogar from RoboDynamics

Interview with Fred Nikgohar from RoboDynamics on his history, his ideas for how to make better robots and what he thinks is the future of personal robotics. Continue reading

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Telecommuting with RPSes – great idea!

And why not? One of the benefits from telepresence and remote presence systems that is very important is remote workers. As someone who is dying for my next RPS to play with – as I travel back and forth from NYC to London to California – I keep crying out for my Texai! Continue reading

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