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Want to join the next Willow Garage? Or the French version of Xerox Parc?

Out of InnoRobo, we interviewed our old friend Jean-Christophe, formerly of GOSTAI fame and now Chief Scientific Officer of Aldebaran Robotics. And in the interview (which we plan on launching in the coming days), we learned of the new A-Lab that is looking for talented individuals. Continue reading

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InnoRobo was a-buzz about Willow Garage…

But, in our exploration of the event, one of our team wore their Willow Garage jacket they owned from a previous era.   In doing so, a great many people would suddenly come up to us and say “How is everything at Willow Garage?” or say “I heard things are changing at Willow Garage, all good?” After informing them of the former employment with Willow, we asked what was causing such a strong reaction to the change they heard about. Continue reading

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Rumors: Facebook acquires Anybots?

Rumors have come to the attention of our blog that our friends at Anybots may have been acquired by the Facebook monolith — in their quest to acquire developer talent and potentially some neat telepresence toys.

To be clear, this rumor has yet to be substantiated by anyone — but in our investigation of some of Anybots’ web footprints have led us to think something may have happened to our friends in Mountain View in the past two months: Continue reading

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@SXSW – been away from the computer…

Dear readers – been getting emails about where we have disappeared to. We are enjoying the circus that is SXSW Interactive and will have some amazing content for you in the coming week from InTouch Health and VGo with some hands-on content. Continue reading

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