Want to join the next Willow Garage? Or the French version of Xerox Parc?

Aldebaran Robotics NAO

If you are one of those who wishes they could help in the next robotics revolution, follow up here and apply with your CV (resume for you Americans!) a-lab@aldebaran-robotics.com. Be sure to include the following:

  • Resume with references
  • One paragraph summary of research background
  • List of published papers, currently submitted papers and patents
  • Media and dissemination references if available
  • Date of availability

Their blog post follows:

A-Lab Launch: we are recruiting!

Aldebaran Robotics, the company that commercializes the Nao robot, is launching the A-Lab, a fundamental and applied research unit dedicated to advances in five keys domains: Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics,Dynamic Control, Interaction, Systems.

We are now recruiting young PhDs and senior researchers for permanent positions in Paris covering the following areas of expertize:

Developmental Robotics: sensorimotor grounding and language acquisition (lexicon, grammar, compositional actions).
Keywords: developmental, embodiment, grounding, language games, imitation, intrinsic motivation, learning, categorization, joint attention, social robotics.

Interaction: audio and video signal processing and dialog management in interactive robots. Machine learning, new sensor integration methods.
Keywords: gesture recognition, emotions, voice modulation, world representation, dialog engine, task learning, sound optimization, image segmentation, sensor modeling.

Mechatronics: design of new actuators, sensors and smart dynamical structures.
Keywords: actuators, sensors, dynamic structures, 3D sensors, thermic sensors.

Dynamics: intelligent and advanced body control in key dynamics areas: walking and navigation, grasping and postures.
Keywords: walk, VSLAM, navigation, grasping, procedural motion.

Systems: system design and integration, new languages for robotics, operating systems.
Keywords: software safety, programming languages, URBI/urbiscript, architecture and middleware.

Candidates working on mechatronics, interaction, dynamics and systems will be involved in applied research for the development of key technologies directly integrated in the Aldebaran Robotics product line. They will work in tight collaboration with the production teams.

The Artificial Intelligence group (AI Lab), working on developmental robotics, is a more fundamental research group with long term goals in the continuity of academics research labs. Its goal is to make progress in the understanding and modeling of the mechanisms of development and learning in embodied intelligent robots.

All candidates will be involved in collaborative projects, and will contribute to research valorization in the context of joint labs, partnerships and commercial applications.

Location: Paris in Aldebaran Robotics headquarters
Your Profile: PhD, computer science background (good level in C++/python), excellent level in English, strong vision, references & publications requested.

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