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Spotify Engineer experiences Remote Presence and lives!

What is notable about his experience is the issues of being a “drunk tetraplegic with bad hearing and a weak voice”. The challenge with most of the remote presence systems on the market today is exactly the issue he focuses on the most. Continue reading

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Reduce your carbon footprint and Beam into RoboBusiness this month!

Suitable and RoboBusiness pair up to offer Beaminginot the RoboBusiness conference and announce their newest version of the Beam software. Continue reading

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double! What in the world? We need a better solution than bumbling humour on The Good Wife!

The double does a terrible job in showing in the Good Wife Continue reading

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double delivers and Cisco and iRobot make another Ava

double Robotics announces they are shipping their first pre-orders and iRobot announces partnership with Cisco on Ava 500. Continue reading

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Polycom + Anybots equals InTouch + iRobot?

So it looks like the medical rationale is beginning to heat up interest in the remote presence space (or “virtual presence” as Anybots and Sheldon call it). In time for the American Telepresence Association 2013 conference, Anybots and Polycom announces a partnership. Continue reading

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Past Blast: IvanAnywhere shows how remote presence can work [VIDEO]

Past Blast: checking out IvanAnywhere’s efforts on remote presence in 2007. Continue reading

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Beaming into the local hardware store in North Vernon, IN

This article was found in a local newspaper in North Vernon, Indiana and shows yet another place for remote presence to make a difference.  The original engineer behind the precursor to the Beam, Dallas Goecker, demonstrated the RPD at his parents hardware store in central Indiana. The photo and the article is quite nice — covering all of the points that explain the Beam quite well. Continue reading

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Schmidt announces future of Remote Presence

Eric Schmidt says “Small robots could be used so busy people can send them to events for video and voice transmissions when their presence isn’t required, Schmidt said. “In the future you’ll be able to dispatch a robot to each event,” he said.” Continue reading

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@SXSW – been away from the computer…

Dear readers – been getting emails about where we have disappeared to. We are enjoying the circus that is SXSW Interactive and will have some amazing content for you in the coming week from InTouch Health and VGo with some hands-on content. Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for February 28, 2011

Korea’s Yujin Robot Jumps Into Educational Telepresence – While NASA’s Robonaut 2 Is In Orbit, Its Hype Has Escape Velocity Continue reading

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