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@SXSW – been away from the computer…

Dear readers – been getting emails about where we have disappeared to. We are enjoying the circus that is SXSW Interactive and will have some amazing content for you in the coming week from InTouch Health and VGo with some hands-on content. Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for February 28, 2011

Korea’s Yujin Robot Jumps Into Educational Telepresence – While NASA’s Robonaut 2 Is In Orbit, Its Hype Has Escape Velocity Continue reading

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Flashback: Telepresence from 1980 – NYC to LA

This past weekend, a number of interesting links have shown up – but not directly relatable to players in the market today.  So, how about a blast from the past and see what happened in 1980 when Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz created a “Hole in Space” from Lincoln Center to the open-air Shopping Center in Century City. The video is quite interesting in watching how the passerbys reacted to the presence of people from 3000 miles away. Continue reading

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Anybots QB now shipping! With HD video! And lasers (eye-safe)!

Yes – the buzz is across the mediasphere – Anybots has announced they are now shipping the QB en masse. Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for January 28, 2011

Remote Presence Links for January 28, 2011 – UMass Announces Telepresence Research to Recreate Closeness of Daily Interactions and Mitigate Isolation – Building a Super Robust Robot Hand – Hackerspaces Mini-Documentary – Utterly Ridiculous Action Scene From Bollywood ‘Terminator’ Knockoff Continue reading

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Remote Presence links for January 19, 2011

Programmed for Love – thoughtful article with MIT ethnographer Sherry Turkle warning about the dangers of our continued reliance on technology for our social engagement. Rundown of Telepresence Robots – a quick and dirty rundown of the RPSes he has found in the world today. (Pssst – there are more coming…) and What Can You Do With AVA (iRobot’s new telepresence concept robot seen at CES 2011)? – a article by Frank Tobe on the AVA.
Continue reading

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vGo demonstrates an excellent use of remote presence

Into the inbox comes another great link to a story about Lyndon Baty who suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease and has virtually no immune system. Instead of staying at home, avoiding interaction, vGo is affording Lyndon the chance to be present with his classmates in his high school. Continue reading

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Could this be the Remote Presence Rocky?

Real Steel shows remote presence Rocky fights – coming October 2011 Continue reading

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Why the iRobot AVA is a “concept”, not a product…YET.

In the days after Colin introduced the AVA “concept robot” (as defined by Gerry Caron, director of product management for iRobot), the buzz on the AVA has been superb. Since announcement, the traffic on iRobot and the iRobot AVA has been phenomenal. And, while the features discussed are quite impressive (as I mention in this post on the AVA), I see some serious design concerns on the device as an effective “presence system”. Continue reading

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iRobot throws their AVA into remote presence ring

As announced yesterday, iRobot has jumped into the telepresence robot scene with their AVA offering. As reported in PCMag, CNET, Engadget, Hihook and many other sources, the 40 lb iRobot AVA offers Continue reading

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