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Remote Presence Links for January 6, 2011

One of my favorite things I love comes straight out of some of my must-read sites like O’Reilly’s Radar and Colin’s ePolitics where they do a summary of interesting links/posts on remote presence / telepresence robots. I will endeavour to do this every week – and maybe twice a week. Continue reading

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The coming challenge of remote presence social norms as per MIT Tech Review

If these robots are to introduce an era of effortless interaction with machines, the changes may have to come from us, not them. “As these machines appear in the workplace, we will see completely new social norms forming around them,” says Takayama. We humans may have to learn to judge people represented by electronic bodies differently from those we can see in the flesh. Continue reading

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RoboDynamics demos the TiLR and hints about the Luna

Our friend Fred Nikgohar shows his local CBS affiliate the future of robot telepresence with his TiLR system. In the course of the conversation, he hints at a newer version called the Luna. Continue reading

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Welcome to Pilot Presence!

I will use this site to post links of stories I have seen that are relevant as well as my own thoughts on what/where remote presence and/or robot telepresence will go. I welcome you aboard on this journey. Continue reading

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