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China’s answer to the double: the PadBot

Recently, another player popped up in the telepresence robotics world. And that offering is the PadBot. Now, in looking at the product, it has incredible similarities to various other players like vGo and double – a low-cost base and tablet headpiece. But to create differentiation, PadBot is offering a couple of features that have been seen in other devices. Continue reading

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Double Robotics outdoes both Anybots and iRobot Ava

With a slew of articles discussing “Shelbot Has Nothing on These iPad Telepresence Robots” or “Double Robotics’ telepresence robot gives your iPad legs” in the last 24 hours, we were thrilled to see someone come up with an incredibly simple, elegant solution to the quite expensive iRobot Ava. Continue reading

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Great shot of the Anybot flower girl…

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Discussing Use Cases for Remote Presence

This week, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (Katherine M. Tsui, Munjal Desai, and Holly A. Yanco) pre-published their findings on use cases of remote presence / telepresence robots in prep for the HRI 2011 conference in Switzerland this March. In their article, they bring up a number of issues that are relevant to the future of remote presence, that are worth reading about. Continue reading

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Interview w/ Jean Christophe Baillie from GOSTAI

Last week, I had the chance to connect with Jean-Christophe (JC) Baillie, CEO and Founder of GOSTAI and the maker of Jazz, their telepresence robot. In our conversation, JC told me a bit of his history with starting GOSTAI and what he foresees as the future of robotics – how these “teleportation”” systems could be the first real success in robotics beyond vacuum cleaners. Continue reading

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vGo demonstrates an excellent use of remote presence

Into the inbox comes another great link to a story about Lyndon Baty who suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease and has virtually no immune system. Instead of staying at home, avoiding interaction, vGo is affording Lyndon the chance to be present with his classmates in his high school. Continue reading

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iRobot throws their AVA into remote presence ring

As announced yesterday, iRobot has jumped into the telepresence robot scene with their AVA offering. As reported in PCMag, CNET, Engadget, Hihook and many other sources, the 40 lb iRobot AVA offers Continue reading

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Gostai introduces the Jazz robot – more surveillance than presence

And today we discover the new “telepresence robot” from GOSTAI called the Jazz.  Interestingly enough, the team at Gostai have eschewed the concept of two way visual presence which I use as a hallmark for a true RPS, and play in the range of the WowWee Rovio or the iRobot Connectr. Continue reading

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Telepresence robot pioneers still working hard in Sweden on the giraff

When I first started looking into robotic telepresence over a year ago, one of them – HeadThere, a company started at the TechShop in San Jose, CA – was one of the few (at the time) that (I believed) got … Continue reading

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New offering in robotic telepresence – the MantaroBot

So, no sooner than I start this site than does a new player in the robotic telepresence space show up. Mantaro Products – a product development and engineering shop has built a low cost telepresence robot – for $3500 – … Continue reading

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