Flashback: Telepresence from 1980 – NYC to LA

This past weekend, a number of interesting links have shown up – but not directly relatable to players in the market today.  So, how about a blast from the past and see what happened in 1980 when Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz created a “Hole in Space” from Lincoln Center to the open-air Shopping Center in Century City. The video is quite interesting in watching how the passerbys reacted to the presence of people from 3000 miles away.

In 1980, artists Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz created a “Hole in Space” by linking bigger-than-life displays in New York and LA with a satellite feed. It was the mother of all video chats — they showed that size and bandwidth matter in communicating presence and emotion. For three days, the installation brought together people from across the country in a way they had heretofore never experienced.

See http://www.ecafe.com/getty/HIS/index.html for the website of the event.

(h/t to Adam Pritzker)

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