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Suitable Tech acquires Willow Garage!

Bringing the two groups together gives Suitable their home once again (the predecessor of the Beam was created there) and a staff that are already versed in build and maintenance of robotics. Continue reading

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InnoRobo was a-buzz about Willow Garage…

But, in our exploration of the event, one of our team wore their Willow Garage jacket they owned from a previous era.   In doing so, a great many people would suddenly come up to us and say “How is everything at Willow Garage?” or say “I heard things are changing at Willow Garage, all good?” After informing them of the former employment with Willow, we asked what was causing such a strong reaction to the change they heard about. Continue reading

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Willow Garage changing is a good thing.

News of Willow Garage’s change of organization may have surprised some, but from our point-of-view, it was only a matter of time. Continue reading

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Suitable Technologies enters the field…

One of the many under-cover companies has now popped up on the radar in the telepresence space, as announced in Technology Review India which informs us about Suitable Technologies, a spin-off from Willow Garage that is taking my favorite RPS system (the Texai) and working on improving it for delivery in the second half of 2012. Continue reading

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These robots need your VOTES!

Time to vote for the Engadget Robot of the Year – don’t waste your time, just VOTE! Continue reading

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The coming challenge of remote presence social norms as per MIT Tech Review

If these robots are to introduce an era of effortless interaction with machines, the changes may have to come from us, not them. “As these machines appear in the workplace, we will see completely new social norms forming around them,” says Takayama. We humans may have to learn to judge people represented by electronic bodies differently from those we can see in the flesh. Continue reading

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