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Suitable Tech acquires Willow Garage!

Bringing the two groups together gives Suitable their home once again (the predecessor of the Beam was created there) and a staff that are already versed in build and maintenance of robotics. Continue reading

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Willow Garage changing is a good thing.

News of Willow Garage’s change of organization may have surprised some, but from our point-of-view, it was only a matter of time. Continue reading

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Can a kiss with a remote girl be dangerous?

What his wife does not know about, can’t hurt her. Continue reading

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“Beam me up, Scotty!” Suitable announces the Beam!

At midnight tonight, Suitable Tech’s CEO Scott Hassan unveiled the second version of their Remote Presence System – the Beam.

The Beam itself is not the System, since the entire collection (remote presence device, the client app and the docking station) make up the entire system. engadget was given a preview which shows the device as Scott has “beam”ed into the Beam. See the video below: Continue reading

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