iRobot announces availability of Ava 500 to “regular” customers

Fresh off a trip to CES (back in January), it looks like iRobot is reacting to market forces and announcing the “availability” of the Ava 500 in time for the Enterprise Connect Conference in Orlando.

We have discussed the Ava 500 a number of times in the past and will have our assessment of the device soon, but for the benefit of iRobot, we are happy to share the announcement video for the Ava 500.

Only thing: availability may be limited since the listing is not on the iRobot site, and according to the press release, only available through select Cisco resellers and/or distributors. And since finding those resellers might take time (we looked for Yorktel and could not find them) — and the process of getting everything signed off for the proper purchase of the device might take anywhere from three to six months, we believe that “delivery” is still two quarters away.

h/t to Engadget

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