WSJ getting excited about remote presence systems

So, the Wall Street Journal discovered remote presence systems in San Francisco with a vGo system being the RPS that people are remotely present within.

And, a small errata to InfoWorld’s article on Affordable Videoconferencing. Hidden within the article has the following paragraph (bold by us):

If you’re looking to telecommute and want a physical presence attached to your videoconference element, you might try a remote presence system (RPS) — sort of like Skype on a stick. If you’re a “Big Bang Theory” aficionado, you might remember last year’s episode with Shel-bot, which used Pilot Presence’s RPS product.


The Texai – which was the the Shel-bot of The Big Bang Theory fame – is made by Willow Garage, not by our small publication.

And, even funnier, if you are next in Los Angeles, we hear rumor that Warner Brothers may be setting up a replica of the Shel-bot on their VIP Tour. But, that will have to be confirmed.

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