Rumors: Facebook acquires Anybots?

What if Facebook bought Anybots?

What if Facebook bought Anybots?

Stranger things have been suggested…

Rumors have come to the attention of our blog that our friends at Anybots may have been acquired by the Facebook monolith — in their quest to acquire developer talent and potentially some neat telepresence toys.

To be clear, this rumor has yet to be substantiated by anyone — but in our investigation of some of Anybots’ web footprints have led us to think something may have happened to our friends in Mountain View in the past two months:

If Facebook did acquire Anybots during the mandated IPO quiet period, then both parties could not say anything until the IPO — which could explain why Anybots has been uncharacteristically quiet these past two months.

Hmmm – guess we will have to wait until after the IPO (or someone from Anybots tells us otherwise) to see if there is any truth to this rumor…

And Zuck (if we may call you that?) — if you did acquire these guys, do us a favor and keep the QB team humming — the world is a lot more interesting with QBs in our midst!

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