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Social Robotic Telepresence and HRI 2011

The second paper is from Min Kyung Lee from Carnegie Mellon University and Leila Takayama from Willow Garage entitled “‘Now, I have a body’: Uses and social norms for mobile remote presence in the workplace” is a personal favorite. In this paper, the Willow Garage Texai is used as the Mobile Robotic Telepresence (MRP) or RPS in our lingo. To say this paper is meaty is an understatement. This paper is a rich treasure-trove of insights into the issues and futures of remote presence. Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for March 10, 2011

Teaching Robots To Interact Better With Humans – Telepresence Robots Roam the Halls of My Office Building – Latest Geminoid Robot Looks More Human than Creepy Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for February 4, 2011

HRI 2011 Conference Technical Program announced – ROS 3D Contest – The Results! – Geek of the Week: Trevor Blackwell – Real-time voice translator smashes down language barriers Continue reading

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