Finally! Pilot Presence meets double — in the flesh!

Readers – in our recent travels, we were walking along the edges of the Hard Rock Casino at the Robotics on the Runway, sponsored by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) and Living in Digital Times and we ran into the team from Double Robotics.

For the first time, we got a chance to chat with David from Double where we discussed the origin story of double robotics. Instead of repeating the story, we learned that Tech Toys 360 on the Discovery Velocity Channel has a terrific video that presents the origin story along with additional details and visuals on the “innovative device”.

In the course of our conversation, we here at Pilot Presence promised to avoid the snarky commentary on the double in future articles, but we reserve the right to engage in opining on the various devices in this space in the coming weeks, months and years. And, if the double is shown in ways that make us laugh, we must respect our responsibility of sharing with our readership.

But to be clear, we have always appreciated double’s entry into the remote presence space. Their attention to product detail, industrial design and ease-of-use has been a hallmark of quality product development. We look forward to see how double expands beyond their current offering.

Additionally, we also got wind of the newly announced charging station for the double and include the video of the new dock below.


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