Try before you Buy? Suitable comes up with their own viral marketing campaign

One of the biggest frustrations with the remote presence / telepresence robot business is getting the first mover in a company. Once a device has made it into the company and the concerns are overcome, companies inevitably decide to purchase more of these devices. But how do you make it achievable for companies to purchase these devices without having to carry a cost that requires budget approval.

Hassan offers the LoanerSuitable Technologies thinks they have a solution to the problem. As of the 3rd, Suitable is now offer a fully-featured Beam – with docking station and network services for a starting price of $4950 and a monthly rate of $574 which includes shipping throughout the Continental US.

So, you ask “How is this a trial program?” Well, for your first payment of $4950, part of the payment ($2581 of it) is actually a deposit. If the Beam that is returned is as-new with minor wear-and-tear, then the payment should be returned. If there is any damage, the cost of repairing is taken from the deposit.

How long is this “trial program”? According to Hassan at Suitable, the program is a 36 month contract that, at the end of 36 months, a one-time payment of $100 will transfer ownership of the Beam to the original lessee.

In asking Hassan about this plan, the overall cost of the Beam is now brought to slightly over $25K for the full three years. But the goal is not to lease Beams to the world, rather to give a taste of the product to interested buyers who can easily use a credit card to make the purchase and bring it into the corporate realm.

“The magic number if $5000 – if your product costs more than that, then there are corporate hoops to go through.” says Hassan. “Bring it under, and the adoption rates go up.”

But a good thing is not for every purchase and not necessarily forever. The Beam Corporate Leasing Program is only good for up to five Beams and may be terminated as an entry program at any time. So, if you are looking for a chance to Beam into another location, then here is the opportunity.

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