Remote Presence Links for January 24, 2011

A bit quiet after the past week, but a couple of great links have shown up int he past few days:

  • We Talk With Body Language. So Should Our Cellphones – a nice piece from Aza Raskin, founder of Massive Health and until recently, Creative Lead for Firefox as well as Head of User Experience for Mozilla Labs. My favorite quote from the post:

    We gesture because it’s part of our lexicon. It’s involuntary. And those gestures matter; they really do convey information. Using them wisely in the classroom, for instance, increases the rate of learning and learned material retention. On the phone, though, we do without and use carbon-heavy transit to bridge the physical gap.

  • Emoticomp – h/t to Nat at O’Reilly Radar – and my favorite quote of Nat’s summary:

    what happens if you subtly imbue objects with personalities? … We are, after all, customized over hundreds of thousands of years to read and interact with the emotional objects known as people.

  • Humanoid Robot Navigation Teleoperation Using NAO and Kinect (Video) – one of my more recent addictions, the team at robot-dreams keep an eye out for quite interesting robotic applications. Combine the ROS platform with Kinect and an individual’s drive to build teleoperation in his own home, and you get an amazing DIY effort with great video. (h/t to robot-dreams)
  • Texai makes it on the Golden Globes 2011 – while Jim Parsons made the Best Actor in a Comedy, the Texai/Shel-bot made a brief, global appearance on the show when the nominees were shown for the Best Televison Series, Comedy or Musical (see around the 0:50 mark).
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