Keeping up with Anybots

It has been a while since we have discussed our friends in Mountain View and last week, we caught up with Trevor and heard how the team has been cranking on rolling out their QBs to the market. As he wrote in his April post, the issues of static electricity have caused delayed they never expected. But, in the past week, they have put to rest most – if not all – of the issues and are ready to roll them out to their owners.

Trevor also informed us that they have also “democratized” the interface – now it runs on almost all browsers – but definitely with IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. While the challenge has been around taming the static electricity issue, other improvements have been snuck into this design and are rolling out to owners this month.

We talked about the QB being at TED 2011 and how it was a big hit at the event – both in Long Beach and in NYC. He and the Anybots team have already been thinking about how to learn from the production issues for their future iterations. Like any good entrepreneur, Trevor sees the experiences he has gained as another stepping stone for the next goal. CES 2012 anyone? I’ll be there!

Watch Trevor at Xconomy

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