Not an Apple Robot and Notes from InnoRobo

Not an Apple Robot

Could it be from iRobot?

Okay – so it looks like the video is not from Apple – if Aaron is to be believed – so we are going to get into deep investigation start investigating who this provider is. When we find out more, we will endeavor to post the news as soon as possible.

Today, I am in Lyon, France for InnoRobo – one of the best robotics conferences I have ever seen. Think of MakerFaire with a polish like CES without the annoying overhype. After spending last week at SxSW, this event has a similar vibe – muted with the typical European style.

I have loads of great content coming from players like Yujin Robotics, GOSTAI, EOS Innovation and so on – and was at the presentation where Colin Angle was awards an achievement award (I forgot the name), but thought you’d like to see the award – even if the video is not perfect yet.

As I get more information, I promise to update this post.

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