New Product Demo Video for Anybots

You know – I love google Alerts. How else could someone get a link to one of the better product demo videos I have seen in a long time. Granted, it takes its inspirations from the hand drawings from the Anybots website – but this work is excellent. And this guy (Grumo) truly IS the “Spanish James Earl Jones”.

(h/t to Hacker News and google Alerts)

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  • Oh wow! thanks so much Sanford! Actually the honor to dub Darth Vader in Spain went to our beloved Constantino Romero. Here is Constantino dubbing the mitic “I am your father” scene in Star Wars ->
    Go Anybots!

    • Grumo – absolutely no problem. Loved the work – and happy to show it off.

  • Absolutely no problem Grumo. Love great work.