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Social Robotic Telepresence and HRI 2011

The second paper is from Min Kyung Lee from Carnegie Mellon University and Leila Takayama from Willow Garage entitled “‘Now, I have a body’: Uses and social norms for mobile remote presence in the workplace” is a personal favorite. In this paper, the Willow Garage Texai is used as the Mobile Robotic Telepresence (MRP) or RPS in our lingo. To say this paper is meaty is an understatement. This paper is a rich treasure-trove of insights into the issues and futures of remote presence. Continue reading

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Interview w/ Jeremy Parsons from Mantaro

Earlier this week, I spent an hour speaking with Jeremy Parsons, co-founder of Mantaro Engineering Product Development Services and the visionary behind the MantaroBot. Jeremy spent a good deal of time with me discussing his history, his first attempt at telepresence robots and how the MantaroBot came to being this year. Continue reading

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Is iPad 2 the future of mobile telepresence?

With yesterday’s announcement of the iPad 2 with front and rear facing cameras, the world may have stepped that one step forward into making mobile telepresence or mobile video conferencing a commonplace for business and consumers. But what does it mean for remote presence? Continue reading

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Remote Presence Links for February 28, 2011

Korea’s Yujin Robot Jumps Into Educational Telepresence – While NASA’s Robonaut 2 Is In Orbit, Its Hype Has Escape Velocity Continue reading

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Remote Presence links for January 19, 2011

Programmed for Love – thoughtful article with MIT ethnographer Sherry Turkle warning about the dangers of our continued reliance on technology for our social engagement. Rundown of Telepresence Robots – a quick and dirty rundown of the RPSes he has found in the world today. (Pssst – there are more coming…) and What Can You Do With AVA (iRobot’s new telepresence concept robot seen at CES 2011)? – a article by Frank Tobe on the AVA.
Continue reading

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The coming challenge of remote presence social norms as per MIT Tech Review

If these robots are to introduce an era of effortless interaction with machines, the changes may have to come from us, not them. “As these machines appear in the workplace, we will see completely new social norms forming around them,” says Takayama. We humans may have to learn to judge people represented by electronic bodies differently from those we can see in the flesh. Continue reading

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Telepresence robot pioneers still working hard in Sweden on the giraff

When I first started looking into robotic telepresence over a year ago, one of them – HeadThere, a company started at the TechShop in San Jose, CA – was one of the few (at the time) that (I believed) got … Continue reading

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New offering in robotic telepresence – the MantaroBot

So, no sooner than I start this site than does a new player in the robotic telepresence space show up. Mantaro Products – a product development and engineering shop has built a low cost telepresence robot – for $3500 – … Continue reading

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