OMG! Is this the Anybots QB at one-tenth the price?!?

TIPI Control System

Every so often, I find myself smiling when I see positional and motor control loops being diagrammed out for clarity sake. The Telepresence Interface by Pendulum Inversion, or TIPI for short. TIPI is a project from four students at the Mechatronics Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo.

You can see the project website at learn about the efforts they took to create this system.

While the system is dynamically balancing itself and handling disturbances, I have to agree with a robotic engineer I was speaking to at Inno-Robo that dynamic balancing is more of a distraction for remote presence application. But, with the QB implementation of dynamic balancing, I still can see how first-movers/innovators will be just fine with the balancing system.

(h/t to Dallas Goecker from Willow Garage)

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