Monthly Archives: July 2011

vGo is making some hay with LTE [video]

vGo is slowly but surely building up their distribution and product presence. vGo has successfully tested LTE and demoed it at the Verizon Innovation Center on July 13th. Continue reading

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Evaluation on iRobot and Intouch Health partnership

Today, iRobot and InTouch Health made news by announcing a partnership leveraging the business connections of InTouch into the healthcare industry and iRobot’s strong technical innovation efforts in robotics. While it sounds good, we wonder if the formability is not more of a defensive posture for one or the other. Continue reading

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GOSTAI delivers on their new navigation interface [video]

GOSTAI releases a video on their newest interface for the Jazz and it looks like they learned from their prior experiences and scarfed a couple of features from other players. Who says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? I know Fred at Robodynamics and Tim at vGo will appreciate it. Continue reading

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