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Suitable Technologies enters the field…

One of the many under-cover companies has now popped up on the radar in the telepresence space, as announced in Technology Review India which informs us about Suitable Technologies, a spin-off from Willow Garage that is taking my favorite RPS system (the Texai) and working on improving it for delivery in the second half of 2012. Continue reading

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Another player in the field?

So, today at the WWDC conference, it looks like another player is testing their toe in the poll – Taptic Toys.

Their Creative Director played the pilot on their prototype – but from the video below, it looks like the toy is exactly that – a toy. The gent with the RPS (my guess is his name is David Cann) seems to be potentially driving the RPS with his iPhone. Romina, who is an excellent actress and performer (you can see her portfolio site here) makes for an entertaining pilot. Continue reading

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