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RoboDynamics demos the TiLR and hints about the Luna

Our friend Fred Nikgohar shows his local CBS affiliate the future of robot telepresence with his TiLR system. In the course of the conversation, he hints at a newer version called the Luna. Continue reading

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Gostai introduces the Jazz robot – more surveillance than presence

And today we discover the new “telepresence robot” from GOSTAI called the Jazz.  Interestingly enough, the team at Gostai have eschewed the concept of two way visual presence which I use as a hallmark for a true RPS, and play in the range of the WowWee Rovio or the iRobot Connectr. Continue reading

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Telepresence robot pioneers still working hard in Sweden on the giraff

When I first started looking into robotic telepresence over a year ago, one of them – HeadThere, a company started at the TechShop in San Jose, CA – was one of the few (at the time) that (I believed) got … Continue reading

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New offering in robotic telepresence – the MantaroBot

So, no sooner than I start this site than does a new player in the robotic telepresence space show up. Mantaro Products – a product development and engineering shop has built a low cost telepresence robot – for $3500 – … Continue reading

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Welcome to Pilot Presence!

I will use this site to post links of stories I have seen that are relevant as well as my own thoughts on what/where remote presence and/or robot telepresence will go. I welcome you aboard on this journey. Continue reading

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